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Meet The Team

Welcome! We are so glad you’re exploring working with us.

Working with us is an opportunity to set a new direction for your life. This is your time, your process, your growth and your transformation. You get to decide what we work on, and what you want to talk about. We are here to support you as you face life’s challenges, and walk with you on your journey toward emotional transformation. Together we will celebrate the strengths within you that help you find a healthier, happier you. The tools we bring to your journey are designed to meet you where you are and support you as you grow into living the life you most desire.


Meet Irene Gunn

Owner, Clinical Social Worker

I know how overwhelming life situations can be and how difficult it is to find the way through emotional pain. Finding yourself stuck experiencing feelings of anxiety, stress, depression can really take over and make it seem like you are alone and moving forward is very difficult.

Meet Sheila Ago

Registered Counselling Therapist

I believe that life happens and people are looking for a safeplace to talk and to heal. I do not treat any two clients the same. I see people as individuals with unique needs. My approach utilizes different skills to meet each client where they are and to help them find the right coping mechanisms that will help them heal and go on to achieve their goals. 

Meet Kathleen Dunbar

Psychotherapist, Clinical Social Worker Candidate

I am here to provide you space and support to cope with distressing thoughts and emotions brought about by grief, anxiety, or depression. I understand you when you tell me, “I should just be able to ‘get over’” heavy feelings and thoughts.


Meet Evelena Beaton

Registered Dietitian

Clients often feel overwhelmed by all the nutrition information out there and don’t know where to start to feel better and healthier. I practice a non-diet approach with clients encouraging mindfulness to increase awareness and therefore help create healthier habits for lasting change.

Admin Support & Client Care Coordinator:

Meet Cayla Vandenaweele

Admin Support & Client Care Coordinator

Cayla is the first point of contact when you reach out to our team. Her friendly demeanor helps make clients feel comfortable and taken care of as they get to know our team. She’s happy to help with anything you may need. She keeps everything organized and running smoothly behind the scenes.

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