Hi, I’m Irene Gunn.

A Registered Social Worker, Experienced Counselor, and Therapeutic Change Agent.

Thank you for stopping by.  I speak with people everyday who feel overwhelmed by life situations and who are searching for a way through emotional pain.  People like you who feel stuck in behaviors that no longer serve you.  People feeling weighed down with uncertainty and painful emotional symptoms. People ready to move beyond past hurts to a new freedom, an inner peace and a joyful present.

What Clients are Saying

Chad says, “I’ve been involved with therapists and counsellors before but it makes such a big difference when you find the right facilitator who listens, understands and is able to offer the right tools. Irene has educated me while using the proper tools to where I am able to trust myself.”

Ann says, “Irene has helped me see more of me. She explained things in a way that makes sense to me and she has been very helpful for me.”

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